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Saturday, May 21, 2011

adolescent reproductive health

What's Adolescent Reproductive Health?
Adolescent reproductive health is a healthy condition concerning the system, function and reproductive processes owned by a teenager. Healthy sense here is not merely mean disease-free or free from defects but also mentally and socially healthy cultural.

Basic knowledge of what needs to be given to teenagers so they have a good reproductive health?

The introduction of systems, processes and reproductive functions (aspects of adolescent growth and development)

why teens need to mature the marriage age as well as how to plan pregnancies to fit keinginnannya and her partner

Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS and its impact on reproductive health conditions

Dangers of drugs and alcohol on reproductive health

Social and media influence on sexual behavior

Sexual violence and how to avoid them

Floated the ability to communicate, including strengthening the confidence to be able to ward off the things that are negative

Reproductive rights

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