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Saturday, May 21, 2011

tips on maintaining the health of reproductive organs

Genital organs of the reproductive system is a very important function for us that we must take care and keep in good health at present and in the future. If negligent in guarding it, then it could be just the genitals can be exposed to different diseases or disorders as susceptible to change.

1. Use Clean Hygienic Knickers

Change of underwear we wear at least twice in one day if its users easily sweats that are not easily covered with germs. CD or underwear that is not good hygienic dirty hit by sweat and dirt and moisture will facilitate the breeding of bacteria that can invite disease, odor, prickly heat, and others.

2. The Clean Wash Routine genital

Flush and rinse with clean water until clean after urination and bowel movement so that no residual urine / urine attached to the genital skin. For men who are not circumcised and still have the foreskin covering the penis is required to clean the inside of the foreskin (penis head in) until the net every day to prevent cancer. For the women rajinlah replace the pads during menstruation / menstrual / coming months as well as familiarize cebok with front to back for dirt pup did not move to the vagina.

3. Pubic Hair Shave In Routine / Periodic

For those who have long pubic hair trim pubic hair should do in order to keep short so as not much overgrown with bacteria. In addition, there are good bacteria that grow in the surrounding pubic hair so that's not good to be shaved down to bald.

4. Stay away / Avoiding Dangerous Threats

Genitals quite sensitive to x-ray x-ray, so need to watch out for not often do rontsen. Try X-ray only once within the deadline of 6 months. Also avoid foods, beverages and destructive habits such as reproductive health drink containing alcohol, smoking, using drugs, and so forth.

5. Keep Temperatures In Section genital

If the male genitalia / men are in a hot environment, the sperm produced would decrease its quality so that may not be able to fertilize an egg cell is married wife. Therefore, avoid using tight clothing made from heat less ventilation and stay away from habits that increase the temperature of the genitals such as a laptop lap on the thighs near the genitals.

6. Avoid premarital sex and Stay Faithful In Pairs

Any reason not to have sex with a partner as husband and wife are not the legitimate spouse we choose a partner and a faithful and free of sexually transmitted diseases (pms). Ignoring this will be at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous sepert HIV AIDS, herpes, syphilis, genital warts, hepatitis b, and much more.

Good luck good luck. Do not hesitate to consult with a physician or an expert / experienced.



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