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Saturday, May 21, 2011

dangers of cervical cancer

do you know pads can be dangerous?

basic material facts pads.
because of sanitary napkins are disposable products. the producers of raw materials to recycle waste paper and pulp, making the basic material to save cost. Starting raw materials and newsprint, cardboard, cardboard, filled with bacteria and germs, and various synthetic dyes, and smells.

In the recycling process, many chemicals used for bleaching process again. These chemicals are also used for the sterilization process germs in waste paper and waste odors.

How to Test Pads Berdioksin
Although there is no accurate data about berdioksin pads, but the women asked to be alert if you want to prevent themselves do not develop cervical cancer.

To test whether the sanitary napkin berdioksin or not it is fairly easy. Layer in pads (like cotton) is opened and then entered the water. An hour later note, in these layers would be destroyed if it is made from recycled paper, but if the water became very turbid whitish rendamannya, it means your pads are not safe because they contain dioxin or a lot of whitening agent. But what if destroyed but not muddy the water? In this case you still can be said pads are also less secure because if destroyed already means a paper-based recycling. We can not predict how big dioksinnya levels, because the testing is just a simple test without the help of sophisticated lab equipment. But the rest, if not destroyed, the pad is safe to use.

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