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Saturday, May 21, 2011

care for female reproductive

PARTIAL big women may not realize there are more benefits than they have genitals. In fact, the genitals were "property" that must be kept and maintained properly.
To keep the sex organs is always healthy and protected from various kinds of venereal disease, then every woman needs to watch some of these tips:

1. After using the toilet, wash hands with soap and wash your genitals correctly.

2. After defecation, pour water from the front (pubic) to the back (anus) and not vice versa. With so dirt from the anus does not carry over into the vagina. One of the causes of the Reproductive Tract Infection (ISR) is the entry of faeces from the rectum into the vagina.

3. Avoid using any soap in the vaginal area.

4. Avoid using chemical liquid deodorizer / special liquid cleaners because it will disturb the balance of vaginal flora in the vagina. If it is too often used, it will kill the good bacteria in the vagina which in turn will trigger the growth of mold. Consequently, the itching in the area of ​​sex organs.

5. Dry the vaginal area with a clean towel, a soft, dry, and do not be rubbed.

6. Change your underwear at least twice a day.

7. Choose a pair of cotton in an easy to absorb sweat. Avoid pants that are too tight because it will put pressure on the vaginal muscles and create a damp atmosphere.

8. Avoid wearing jeans too tight in the crotch area.

9. At the time of menstruation, change sanitary napkins every time you feel has been wet or more than 3 hours, and wash your vagina before each time you replace the pads. Bandages are worn choose which does not contain gel, because gel in pads most of them can cause irritation and cause itching.

10. Replace pads after bowel movement, though still looks clean when menstruation has been almost completed.

11. In public toilets, the previous first flush (flushing) toilets will be used. Avoid using water in the tub or bucket. According to research, the stagnant water in public toilets contain 70 per cent fungus Candida albicans (the cause of vaginal discharge and itching of the vagina). While the water flowing from faucets in public restrooms contain approximately 10 percent to 20 percent fungus Candida albicans.

12. Do not use talcum powder to the vaginal area, including the baby, especially baby girls. According to research, the use of powder on the area, especially in infants can be devastating, because the powder can get into the vagina that can later lead to various diseases, such as tumors. If you want to use the powder, the best way is by rubbing them first to the palm of the hand, diusapkan to the groin area and buttocks infants who are usually damp and easily irritated. This is to avoid so that the powder was not until the entry into the vagina.

13. Never spray perfume into the vagina.

14. Use pantyliner not recommended every day. Pantyliner should only be used at the time of discharge and more, and you should not choose a perfumed as it can cause skin irritation. We recommend bringing the underwear rather than wear pantyliner change every day. (Source book "Kesproholic", Team Core Partners)
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