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Saturday, May 21, 2011

tips on maintaining the health of reproductive organs

Genital organs of the reproductive system is a very important function for us that we must take care and keep in good health at present and in the future. If negligent in guarding it, then it could be just the genitals can be exposed to different diseases or disorders as susceptible to change.

1. Use Clean Hygienic Knickers

Change of underwear we wear at least twice in one day if its users easily sweats that are not easily covered with germs. CD or underwear that is not good hygienic dirty hit by sweat and dirt and moisture will facilitate the breeding of bacteria that can invite disease, odor, prickly heat, and others.

2. The Clean Wash Routine genital

Flush and rinse with clean water until clean after urination and bowel movement so that no residual urine / urine attached to the genital skin. For men who are not circumcised and still have the foreskin covering the penis is required to clean the inside of the foreskin (penis head in) until the net every day to prevent cancer. For the women rajinlah replace the pads during menstruation / menstrual / coming months as well as familiarize cebok with front to back for dirt pup did not move to the vagina.

3. Pubic Hair Shave In Routine / Periodic

For those who have long pubic hair trim pubic hair should do in order to keep short so as not much overgrown with bacteria. In addition, there are good bacteria that grow in the surrounding pubic hair so that's not good to be shaved down to bald.

4. Stay away / Avoiding Dangerous Threats

Genitals quite sensitive to x-ray x-ray, so need to watch out for not often do rontsen. Try X-ray only once within the deadline of 6 months. Also avoid foods, beverages and destructive habits such as reproductive health drink containing alcohol, smoking, using drugs, and so forth.

5. Keep Temperatures In Section genital

If the male genitalia / men are in a hot environment, the sperm produced would decrease its quality so that may not be able to fertilize an egg cell is married wife. Therefore, avoid using tight clothing made from heat less ventilation and stay away from habits that increase the temperature of the genitals such as a laptop lap on the thighs near the genitals.

6. Avoid premarital sex and Stay Faithful In Pairs

Any reason not to have sex with a partner as husband and wife are not the legitimate spouse we choose a partner and a faithful and free of sexually transmitted diseases (pms). Ignoring this will be at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous sepert HIV AIDS, herpes, syphilis, genital warts, hepatitis b, and much more.

Good luck good luck. Do not hesitate to consult with a physician or an expert / experienced.


dangers of hiv aids

Among the negative impact of the ease of communication among members of the global community into our state is emerging and developing dangerous diseases such as HIV / AIDS. For the first time unknown people with AIDS in 1981 in the United States and the disease then prevalent in the continent of Africa and western countries like Europe and Latin America to Indonesia (1987). And in 1996 known HIV / AIDS in Indonesia as many as 438 people.

Studies of the UNDP (United Nation Development Program) states that direct and indirect costs to death spend $ 14 billion.

HIV / AIDS and Issues

1. AIDS is a collection of symptoms a disease caused by the HIV virus which is contagious and deadly. Virus damages the human immune system, resulting in the decrease / loss of body resistance so easily contracted and died of infectious diseases, other cancers. And until now has not been found pencegahnya vaccine or drug to cure.

2. According to the calculation of the WHO (1992) not less than 3 people worldwide are infected with the AIDS virus every minute. And terrible is the number of patients was 70% among the young, productive age.

3. High risk groups outbreak this hazard is homosexual, heterosexual, promiscuous, drug addicts sharing needles and free sex as well as those who ignore moral values, ethics, and religion (especially the teenagers / young people aged 13-25 years) .

4. Patterns and western lifestyle as a consequence of modernization, industrialization and progress of science and technology, has led to changes in the value of life which tend to ignore the moral values, ethics, and religion, including the values ​​of sexual relations between individuals.

5. Another issue that affects very high for the transmission of the AIDS virus is a teenager who leaves home / run away to street children and prostitutes who do become sexually active and drug addicts freely and not maintained hygiene / health.

What is AIDS?

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a collection of symptoms a disease caused by the virus HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

Unfortunately, when the HIV virus has entered the body, slowly destroying his immune system so that the attacks of other diseases, which are usually harmless, it can cause death.

Why Need to Know HIV / AIDS?

· AIDS is a deadly dangerous disease.

· There is no cure and vaccine pencegahnya.

· AIDS can affect all people indiscriminately.

· Long incubation period between 5 to 7 years.

· Usually people who possessed the HIV virus is not known to himself or others, that he was HIV infected, because he looked healthy and felt healthy.

False views about HIV / AIDS

Many people have heard about AIDS, but not all have the same knowledge and true about the HIV / AIDS. This is seen from the view of the frequently encountered include:

* AIDS is considered as a common sexually transmitted diseases, like syphilis, gonorrhea, and other infectious diseases.
* AIDS is considered easily prevented, for example, only by maintaining cleanliness of their partner agencies, by drinking herbal medicine, or antibiotics before having seksua
* AIDS is considered as the curse of God so that people living with HIV and AIDS sufferers are the people who cursed who should be condemned.
* AIDS is considered only attack large cities frequented by tourists from foreign countries.

Disease symptoms of AIDS (ARC = AIDS-Related Complex)

To determine whether a person possessed the HIV virus, he must check his blood with special tests and consult with a physician. If he's positive AIDS will give rise to symptoms Degnan called ARC (AIDS Relative Complex) The usual symptoms appear in people with AIDS are:

1. Tired prolonged
2. Often fever (> 38 ° C)
3. Shortness of breath and persistent cough
4. Noticeable weight loss
5. Bluish-red spots on the skin / mouth
6. Diarrhea is more a month for no apparent reason
7. White patches / sores in the mouth

Who is at High Risk HIV / AIDS?

1. Those who have sex with people affected by HIV / AIDS without using a condom safety.
2. People who have sex with multiple partners are at risk such as prostitutes and homosexuals.
3. People who received blood transfusions contaminated with the virus.
4. The use of syringes without sterilization alternately
5. Children born to mothers with HIV.
6. People who because of his work is often associated with patients with HIV / AIDS such as doctors, nurses, blood transfusion, midwives, and so on, because it was feared there are wounds on his body. This will be the entrance of HIV / AIDS.
7. · The families in which one family member to travel far and long as sailors, truckers, and pitchman.
8. The family relationship of husband / wife is not getting along or crack.
9. The families who have adolescents before puberty baligh and adolescents who have dropped out of school whose behavior is not controlled daily.

How to Process Transmission of HIV / AIDS?

Body fluids of AIDS patients who participate in the transmission are blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and other body fluids contaminated with HIV, such as saliva. Modes of transmission of AIDS, especially through:

1. Sexual relationships, both with similar and different sexes living with HIV.
2. Exchange of syringes, acupuncture, tattooing, and razors contaminated with the HIV virus.
3. Blood transfusions contaminated with HIV virus.
4. Of pregnant women who possessed the HIV virus to her developing baby.
5. Aid deliveries are contaminated with HIV virus.

AIDS is not contagious because:

1. Shake hands, touch with the body, clothing, and goods of HIV / AIDS
2. Insect or mosquito bites
3. Cheek kissing
4. Food and beverages
5. Living in a home with the patient, provided that no sexual intercourse.
6. Swim together in a swimming pool
7. Patients with sneezing and coughing near us
8. Using the same toilet with people living with HIV / AIDS
9. One office or school, etc..
10. Nevertheless, you still need to be aware when our skin is injured there may be a door entry of the HIV virus.

How to Prevent transmission of HIV / AIDS?

· Conducting dissemination of HIV / AIDS information to friends, groups, and families to reduce anxiety due to false and misleading news.

· Avoiding or preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS on themselves, their families, and group by, among others:

1. Strengthen the faith and piety so as not to fall into pre-marital sexual relations outside marriage and multiple sexual partners as well.

2. Avoid contaminated equipment

* Medical devices sterilized (disinfected) to correct
* Syringe do not turn and not taking drugs
* The shaver should not turn
* The needle piercing, tattoo, salon equipment should be sterile
* Be careful when scrapings

3. People with HIV / AIDS aware to not transmit the disease to others

4. Avoid narcotic drug abuse, alcoholism and all forms of pornography that can stimulate the direction of deviant sexual acts.

5. If husband and wife had been infected with the HIV virus, then use a condom correctly in sexual intercourse.

6. Take security precautions against contamination with HIV / AIDS through needles, blood transfusion, and open wounds.

7. For women with the HIV virus is not recommended for pregnant.

8. Avoid the use of razors, nail clippers, or someone else's toothbrush.

How Our Attitudes Against People with HIV virus and AIDS Patients?

· Think positive and calm, and avoid behavior that could transmit the HIV virus.

· Treat AIDS patients humanely and wisely and do not be ostracized from society.

· Encourage patients to always consult a health worker.

· Guide to the streets of religion in order to remain confident, and convincing repentance accepted the Lord and keep bringing good deeds until the end of his life.

· Alleviate mental suffering of AIDS patients.

• If people with AIDS died, his body treatments specially cultivated.

Prevention of HIV / AIDS According to Islamic Teachings

1. Understanding Islam by knowing that there are five components of life that made the welfare standards of living in the teachings of Islamic jurisprudence, namely the soul, intellect, mind, possessions, nasab / descent and religion / belief.

2. Understanding the meaning of health, according to the conclusion that the General Assembly of 1983 MUI health is "social spiritual and physical endurance which is owned as a gift from God that must be grateful to His guidance practice and maintain and develop it, and there are three types of health, namely physical health, mental health, and public health. In the context of physical health, the Prophet said: "Verily, your body has rights over you."

3. Through the Islamic da'wah in a way amar nahi ma'ruf wrongdoing.

4. Alert to the cunning of Satan and his behavior, in which Allah says:


(Allah) said: "Get out of it as a reviled and driven out. Surely whoever among them follow you, really I will fill the Fire with you all. "(Al-A'raf: 18)

5. Preventing through early education, both the environment and families. Islamic religious education for children from pre-school to school.

Treatment / Prevention HIV / AIDS patients

1. Do repent to Allah, which means that even though God hates people who do sin, but if the sinner repent, believe and do pious, then his sins will be removed by God and will be replaced with kindness.

2. Continue to perform the worship of God, meaning that even in a state of illness of HIV / AIDS should be invited to continue to practice prayer, for goodness contained in the prayer that will eliminate the ugliness / evil.

"If they are you call it does not accept your call (ajakanmu) was then know, the real Al Quran was revealed by science [713] God, and that there is no god but Him, then would you have surrendered (to Allah)?"

(Surah Hud: 14)

3. Stay kind thought and did not despair.

4. Promise not to spread it to others and no longer committing adultery which resulted in people infected with HIV / AIDS.

5. Sholeh charity and increase the faith and devotion to Allah SWT.


The position of Indonesia with a majority Muslim population, its location is very strategic as the traffic lane interstate becomes confidential information of HIV / AIDS, which is a very dangerous disease that attacks a person's immune system so that patients unable to withstand the attack of a disease. Similarly, the East Java city of Malang and in particular that has become berhimpunannya Students, students, and foreign and domestic tourists are very vulnerable to contracting HIV / AIDS, because of the difficulty of supervision of someone who was dangerous and contagious disease outbreak.

Combating emerging diseases, especially HIV / AIDS, should be noticed four dimensions, ie dimensions of biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual. Therefore, moral education, religious ethics should be inculcated early on. Similarly, mitigation instilled early on. Similarly gulangannya arrests carried out curative and preventive efforts should be made proselytizing by kaffah and accurate and intensive, especially concerning the sexual life of Islamic governance, clean living and values ​​of resignation to the greatness of God and the meaning taubatan Nasuha.

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adolescent reproductive health

What's Adolescent Reproductive Health?
Adolescent reproductive health is a healthy condition concerning the system, function and reproductive processes owned by a teenager. Healthy sense here is not merely mean disease-free or free from defects but also mentally and socially healthy cultural.

Basic knowledge of what needs to be given to teenagers so they have a good reproductive health?

The introduction of systems, processes and reproductive functions (aspects of adolescent growth and development)

why teens need to mature the marriage age as well as how to plan pregnancies to fit keinginnannya and her partner

Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS and its impact on reproductive health conditions

Dangers of drugs and alcohol on reproductive health

Social and media influence on sexual behavior

Sexual violence and how to avoid them

Floated the ability to communicate, including strengthening the confidence to be able to ward off the things that are negative

Reproductive rights

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male sexual diseases that are transmitted

Beware of some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted male. Unfortunately, the disease can be transmitted to women. How to recognize it?

Ever heard of cases of vaginal discharge wife does not go away? The smell too! Been treated, but relapse continues. When the doctor asked her husband joined checked, the new sources discovered that the man smelling vaginal discharge. He brought the sexual disease to get out of the house after a woman (or man) where, then "distribute" to the wife during intercourse.

Here are six types of STDs WebMD unwanted by men. Of course, women are also not desirable because of odor, pain, and can cause infertility.

The addition of the number of HIV / AIDS is preventable.
Initial infection with HIV / AIDS do not have symptoms, so many people do not know already infected with the virus. That is why HIV is important. If you are sexually active with more than one partner or any reason you are probably exposed to HIV in the past, should do the screening.

2. Gonorrhea
Is a type of PMS are not easily lost. In men, symptoms of GO including pus in the urinary tract with burning sensation when urinating. Gonorrhea is not treated or handled improperly can cause epididymitis, which is painful conditions in the testicles and can cause infertility.
In women, GO is a major cause of pelvic inflammatory disease and, like chlamydia, can cause infertility. GO make someone 3-5 times likely to have HIV.

3. Chlamydia
Although no symptoms, chlamydia can cause inflammation of the testicles, prostate, and urethra. The consequences for women more seriously. Untreated infection is a major cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and some instances of infertility.

Although nearly one million cases of chlamydia in the U.S. were diagnosed in 2005, experts estimate that there are actually 2.8 million new cases each year. That is, two out of three people infected with chlamydia do not know they have it and can transmit it to others.

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The following are the types of venereal disease that can occur in men.

1. Gonorrhea & Chlamydia
More of this type of disease caused by bacteria. Infection usually occurs within several weeks after sexual intercourse. The indication, urinate felt a little pain, often out of fluid, and sometimes not felt. However, this type of disease can be cured with antibiotics. As long as they are handled from the beginning.

Viruses are a major cause of this disease. The risks are quite dangerous in which the disease can be treated but not cured. Usually arise with the time span of 3-10 days setalh intimate relationship with the patient. However, a period of 5-10 days dala can be lost. On the other hand, the virus will remain in the body and can recur within a certain time.

As the name suggests, the cause is a fungus. Usually the itching arises under the skin yangb male circumcision and red. Medicine are anti-fungal cream.

4. Syphilis
This is probably a fairly well-known disease among men. enyakit it is contagious and attacks the men and women. Symptoms occur with a range of 3 up to 3 months after having a husband and wife. The disease can be cured with penicillin.

5 ulcers on the genitals
The main cause of this disease is the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV). The indication in the form of boils that appear after several months associated with the disease.

Unurannya very small with a range of 1 / 8 inch. It has a brownish gray hair and living in kemaluan.Obat liquid rubbed on pubic hair to kill him.

Source: # ixzz1N1km8jJI

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dangers of cervical cancer

do you know pads can be dangerous?

basic material facts pads.
because of sanitary napkins are disposable products. the producers of raw materials to recycle waste paper and pulp, making the basic material to save cost. Starting raw materials and newsprint, cardboard, cardboard, filled with bacteria and germs, and various synthetic dyes, and smells.

In the recycling process, many chemicals used for bleaching process again. These chemicals are also used for the sterilization process germs in waste paper and waste odors.

How to Test Pads Berdioksin
Although there is no accurate data about berdioksin pads, but the women asked to be alert if you want to prevent themselves do not develop cervical cancer.

To test whether the sanitary napkin berdioksin or not it is fairly easy. Layer in pads (like cotton) is opened and then entered the water. An hour later note, in these layers would be destroyed if it is made from recycled paper, but if the water became very turbid whitish rendamannya, it means your pads are not safe because they contain dioxin or a lot of whitening agent. But what if destroyed but not muddy the water? In this case you still can be said pads are also less secure because if destroyed already means a paper-based recycling. We can not predict how big dioksinnya levels, because the testing is just a simple test without the help of sophisticated lab equipment. But the rest, if not destroyed, the pad is safe to use.

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